The generosity of our island of Ibiza, its land, its waters, the poetry of the horizon of Formentera all together make for an inexhaustible source of creative options. At Essence Restaurant you can enjoy dishes with the flavour of the Mediterranean prepared by our chef from our menu accompanied by the finest wines and champagnes.

Our entire gastronomic range derives from the creativity of Essence Restaurant where you can try our surprising cuisine.


Some suggestions from our chefs...

Working with local produce is a major part of our dishes that all have a touch of the Mediterranean.


Healthy and energetic breakfasts ...

Our select buffet breakfast prepared with healthy produce from local farmers will be awaiting you every morning in our restaurant and includes fresh fruit, cheeses, bread, freshly squeezed fruit juice, eggs prepared specially for you, gourmet products, yoghurts or cakes prepared by our kitchen team.

A complete continental breakfast can be served to you in your suite if you prefer it.


Enjoy our appetizers ...

If you would like to continue enjoying the pool on the ground floor, the ´Pool Restaurant Service` is available and we will be happy to serve you a range of fresh items from the menu that you can relish on one of the sunbeds by the pool at the side of the restaurant.

Our pool service provides you with a select menu of snacks and cocktails that was created to be delighted in at any time of day during the pool opening hours. Maximum comfort while you relax at the pool-side.



Complete your experience in our restaurant in a unique environment that is ideal for savouring the glamour of the taste of the Mediterranean... Enjoy your meal.

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