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Environmental Policy

We’re a local company made up of people who love our island and who wish to share it with you. We understand that the beauty of our waters and countryside largely depends on a delicate ecosystem whose preservation should be a top priority for all stakeholders. We also understand that sustainable tourism starts with choosing a hotel committed to the environment. For this reason, this is our policy and these are our principles:

1- Compliance with all the applicable environmental regulations as well as an ongoing process of monitoring and assessing the impacts on infrastructure, facilities and general supplies. Continuous improvement process applied to sustainability with the implementation of systems of action on environmental impacts.

2- Commitment to reducing the use of polluting products and non-renewable energy and proper management of waste for recycling.

3- Internal audits and ongoing measurement processes for continuous improvement and sustainability.

4- Conveying this philosophy to all staff through training to instil a sense of responsibility for the environment, with an emphasis on their obligations and needs. Creating a work environment favourable to personal and professional development.

5- Providing the necessary technical, human and training resources to ensure service and work quality.

6- Continuous improvement processes focused on the excellence of our service with the aim of exceeding the expectations of our customers. Creating agile internal communication channels that facilitate relationships among departments and decision-making.

7- Paying close attention to customer feedback as the main tool in improvement.

8- Commitment to locally sourced products in our restaurants, promoting the concept of eating locally, as well as awareness-raising and dissemination of it.

9- Choosing suppliers and supplies while bearing environmental criteria in mind and strengthening relationships with local companies.

We assume our responsibility to help in creating a respectful, environmentally aware business culture.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and helping us meet our commitment to the environment.

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