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Official entry requirements to Spain, updated from the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health... SEE

Making you feel special during your stay has always been one of our biggest motivators. For this reason, we surround ourselves with a group of people -our One Family- passionate, creative and committed to our philosophy. Having achieved in such a short time that so many of you have made One Ibiza Suites your regular home on the island excites us and reinforces our commitment.

Unfortunately, during 2020, we have had to face new challenges and we have done so, more than ever, putting all our hearts to live up to your fidelity. The warm comments and congratulations from all of you who visited us during that difficult year show us that this effort was worth it. We were able to create the best possible context so that you could enjoy a well-deserved and, above all, safe vacation.

We are convinced that the long-awaited normality is closer and closer but, in the meantime, we continue working to provide you again with the best possible experience in a safe environment in 2021. To do this, we continue to adapt all our services and protocols to the current circumstances.

1- Creation of the figure of a general coordinator to ensure adequate compliance with the established measures and protocols.

2- Constant process of monitoring and continuous improvement.

3- Compliance with current regulations in the country at all times.

4- Adequate separation of spaces in common areas.

5- Flexible cancellation policies and no need for advance payments.

6- Continuous training of our Staff to guarantee correct compliance with the protocols and to be able to provide the client with the most appropriate information and help at all times.

7- Continuous cleaning and disinfection of common areas and special reinforcement of cleaning in rooms.

Due to the exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing, some of our services may be restricted in use. Our Staff will always be at your disposal to clarify any questions and always offer the best help at all times.

Thank you for your understanding and trust.

We are waiting for you - One Ibiza Suites - Ibiza...Welcome!!!
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